Team of founders

The team of founders combines individual strengths and skills with the shared vision to successfully set up this company and establish it at the market.



Sebastian Fraenk

Sebastian Fraenk, born in 1971, completed his M. A. in linguistics with the main focus computational linguistics at the University of Cologne in the years 1995 to 2000. Afterwards he worked in an internet company first as a developer and a short time after this he took the responsibility for an own business division. In the year 2001 he has started his own individual enterprise which he manages to this day. He contributes his knowledge and longtime experiences from the IT-sector for the success of the company. Due to his professional experience he is trainer for IT-apprentices (according to the German CCI).



Mareike Fraenk

Mareike Fraenk (year of birth 1978) successfully completed her degree of business economics at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne with main focuses on accountancy / controlling and taxes with Diploma Economics in the year 2003 after finishing her previous apprenticeship as tax consultant's assistent (1997 – 2000). Afterwards she worked in a tax consultant's office until September 2008 and achieved the professional qualifications "Steuerfachwirtin" in March 2006 (qualified assistant of tax consultants) and "Steuerberaterin" in March 2008 (tax consultant). Equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills in administration and marketing / sales she is the company's CEO since 1st October 2008. Furthermore she is qualified to train commercial apprentices (according to the German CCI).